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Cane, M. A., 2010: Climate in the Currents of History. In: J. Robinson (Editor), Emergence of the Modern World: Comparative History and Science. To appear.

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Deplazes, G., A. Lückge, L.C. Peterson, A. Timmermann, Y. Hamann, U. Röhl, K.A. Hughen, C. Laj, M.A. Cane, D.M. Sigman and G.H. Haug, 2013: A tropical feedback for millennial climate change in the North Atlantic. Science(accepted). PDF
Ducklow, H. W., A. Clarke, R. Dickhut, S.C. Doney, H. Geisz, K. Huang, D.G. Martinson, M.P. Meredith, H.V. Moeller, M. Montes-Hugo, O. Schofield, S.E. Stammerjohn, D. Steinberg and W. Fraser, 2011: The Marine Ecosystem of the West Antarctic Peninsula. Royal Society, in press.

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Kozar, M.E., M.E. Mann, S.J. Camargo, J.P. Kossin and J.L. Evans, 2012: Stratified statistical models of North Atlantic basin-wide and regional tropical cyclone counts. J. Geo. Res. - Atmos., 117, D18103: DOI: 10.1029/2011JD017170.

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Li, L., W. Li and Y. Kushnir, 2011: Variation of the North Atlantic subtropical high western ridge and Its implication to southeastern U.S. summer precipitation. Climate Dynamics, in press. PDF
Liu, J., B. Wang, M.A. Cane, S.-Y. Yim and Y. Lee, 2013: Global precipitation Change Shapted by Natural and Anthropogenic Forcing. Nature: accepted. PDF

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Montes-Hugo, M. , H.W. Kucklow, O. Schofield, S.E. Stammerjohn, C. Sweeney, S.C. Doney, D.G. Martinson, R. Frouin and M. Maltrud, 2011: Spring wind patterns and transient changes on summer DIC and chlorophyll a concentration in surface waters of the Western Shelf of the Antarctic Peninsula. J. Geophys. Res., in press.

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Wang, D., S. Khatiwala and M.A. Cane, 2012: Present and future sources regions and transit time distributions of Pacific equatorial thermocline waters. J. Geophys. Res.: submitted. PDF

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Ziv, B. , Y. Kushnir, J. Nakamura, N. Naik(Henderson) and T. Harpaz, 2010: Coupled Climate Model Simulations of Mediterranean Cyclones and Related Large-Scale Flow Anomalies. Climate Dynamics, submitted.

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